Q: Why is Sarnia Self Storage being a climate-controlled facility so important?
A: Your valuables deserve the protection only a climate-controlled unit can offer. Sarnia Self Storage offers modern highly efficient climate-controlled storage units that maintain a controlled environment year round. By controlling temperature and humidity we help in preventing damage caused by warping, cracking, rust and mold.

Q: How long do I need to rent my unit for?
A:The agreement is monthly and you can leave at any time after the first month. *(With exception to the monthly special that may require a minimum stay).

Q. Do I need my own lock?
A: A disc lock must be purchased from us and is yours to keep at the end of your stay. They are the industry’s most recommended and secure lock on the market and specifically made for the self storage industry. These locks help us maintain our high level of security throughout our facility.

Q. When can I access my unit?
A: You will have access to your unit everyday (7 days a week). This includes holidays.

Q: What kind of payments do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, debit, cheque or cash..

Q. Do you offer insurance?
A: Yes we do. If you don't have off-site insurance with your home policy, we can offer you a third-party policy at a reasonable rate that will be added to your monthly bill. If you do have your own insurance, this policy is optional.

Q: How much notification do I need to give when I no longer require the unit?
A: We ask that you give us a minimum of 5-business days notice.

Q: Do you have moving carts and dollies available?
A: Yes, for your convenience, we offer the use of both carts and dollies at no extra charge.

Q. What type of security do you have to keep my belongings safe?
A: We take protecting your belongings seriously. We provide an industry leading state-of-the-art security system. We feature an electronic controlled gate with coded access, 24hr 7 day a week HD video surveillance, motion and heat detectors, a fenced and well-lit facility, and individual door alarms on each unit with your own personal access code.

Q. How do individual locker alarms work and why are they important?
A: Each storage Unit at Sarnia Self Storage has its own alarm, wired into the overall security and monitoring system. When a customer visits Sarnia Self Storage, they enter their own PIN at a keypad, to access the facility. The security system then disarms the alarm on the applicable unit associated with that PIN. A customer then proceeds to their unit, unlocks their own padlock and opens their door. Upon exiting the facility, customers re-enter their PIN at a keypad, and the alarm is reactivated. This is another additional layer of security to help us keep your belongings safe.

Q. Can I reserve a unit at Sarnia Self Storage in advance?
A: Yes. Sarnia Self Storage will hold a unit for up to 7 days (based on availability) Click here or contact us today 519-383-8683.

Q. Do you sell packing and moving supplies?
A:Sarnia Self Storage is pleased to offer a very well stocked store including boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more. Click here for out full selection.

Q. What kind of documentation do i need to rent a unit?
A: We require all of our customers to present a valid government photo ID. (e.g. Driver’s License, OHIP, or Passport)

Q.What happens if I outgrow or want to downsize my storage unit at Sarnia Self Storage?
A: We will help you find the best size unit for your particular needs, whether that be larger or smaller, as your needs may change over time. There is no fee to switch storage units at Sarnia Self Storage.

Q. What can I store in my self storage unit?
A: You can store almost anything in our units with the exception of:

  • cash or securities
  • hazardous or flammable substances
  • illegal or stolen goods
  • food or perishable items
  • plants or animals
  • waste, offensive or noxious materials
  • toxic, polluted or biohazardous goods
  • environmentally harmful or radioactive materials, firearms, munitions or explosive goods.

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